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"A great first event! I hope to return next year!"
M Williams
Braemar Seascope
Christian Ramm Senior Partner Pareto Securities
Philip Clausius CEO Transport Capital PTE
Simon Hoffmann Group Treasurer DFDS A/S
Sean Durkin President Northern Shipping Funds
Anders Eide Head of Fixed Income Arctic Securities
Anne H. Steffensen Director General Danish Shipowners’ Association
Cyrus de la Rubia Chief Economist HSH Nordbank
Peter Appel Managing Partner Gorrissen Federspiel
Global Markets - Sector snapshots reveal the most important factors to influence your decisions
Why Attend? Join Maersk, Evergas, DFDS and Nordic Tankers
Norwegian Bonds: Can We Predict the Market?

Spotlight on the Oslo market: can shipping companies still rely on Norwegian bonds for finance?

Global Oil Price Analysis: What is the Impact?

Exploring the recent oil price drop: what caused this, and what is the expected impact on global trade?

Private Equity's Perceptions of Shipping

Discover the preferred deals for private equity funds, and how they view their future involvement in the industry

OW Bunker Case: Hear from the Liquidator

The official liquidator for the OW Bunker case joins us to discuss the commercial impact on the wider shipping industry

Scandinavian Shipping & Ship Finance Conference 2015: navigating shipping markets and shaping investment decisions

Scandinavian Shipping & Ship Finance Conference 2015: Key Themes and Session Highlights

View the Scandinavian Shipping & Ship Finance Conference agenda.

Global trade supply and demand
Map long-term trade dynamics and investigate the demographic trends re-shaping demand

Geo-politics and a global industry
Explore consequences of oil prices and sanctions on trade patterns and global interaction

Rising operating costs for owners
Discover what this really means for the risk profile of your portfolio

Impact of the OW Bunker case
Explore commercial implications for the shipping industry

Spotlight on Oslo
Investigate whether we can predict the future of the Norwegian high yield bond market

‘Traditional’ ship finance
Debate whether banks are now more willing to finance, and if so, which shipowners?

Perceptions of private equity
Understand how private equity funds perceive the shipping industry 

Scandinavian Shipping & Ship Finance Conference 2015 Speakers

  • Peter Appel, Managing Partner, GORRISSEN FEDERSPIEL
  • Jens V Mathiasen, Partner, GORRISSEN FEDERSPIEL
  • Richard Meade, Editor, LLOYD'S LIST
  • Anne Steffensen, CEO and Director General, DANISH SHIPOWNERS' ASSOCIATION
  • Georg Whist, CFO, HAFNIA TANKERS (subject to final confirmation)
  • Axel Siepmann, Managing Director, NAVES CORPORATE FINANCE
  • David Osborne, Partner, WATSON, FARLEY & WILLIAMS
  • Paulo Almeida, Portfolio Manager, TUFTON OCEANIC
  • Christopher Rex, Head of Research, DANISH SHIP FINANCE
  • Oddbjørn Slinning, Partner, WIKBORG REIN
  • Sean Durkin, President, NORTHERN SHIPPING FUNDS
  • Ole-Rikard Hammer, Head of Research, RS PLATOU ASA
  • Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist, HSH NORDBANK
  • Øivind Amundsen, SVP Legal Affirs and Primary Markets, OSLO BØRS ASA
  • Maurice Wijmans, Director - Shipping & Intermodal, NIBC BANK NV
  • Ninna Moller Kristensen, Analyst, DANISH SHIP FINANCE
  • Celine Labelle, Industry Analyst - Shipping & Offshore, DVB BANK
  • Simon Hoffmann, Group Treasurer, DFDS A/S
  • Anders Eide, Head of Fixed Income, ARCTIC SECURITIES
  • Christian Ramm, Senior Partner, PARETO SECURITIES

Join leading Scandinavian shipowners already registered to attend the conference

  • Senior Research Manager, TORM A/S
  • Director, Nescos Shipping
  • Chairman, Almi Tankers
  • Director, Bernhard Schulte
  • CFO, Royal Bodewes
  • Funding Officer, A P Moller-Maersk
  • S&P Newbuildings, Nordana
  • Manager, Brise Bereederungs GmbH
  • Senior Advisor, DS Norden
  • CEO, Epic Gas
  • Vice President, Evergas
  • CEO, Team Tankers International
  • SVP, Clipper Group
  • Director, Dansk Rederei A/S
  • Director, Nordic Tankers
  • Group Treasurer, Weco Group
  • COO, Viking Supply Ships
  • Director, Swire Blue Ocean AS
  • Group Treasury, DFDS
  • CFO, Herning Shipping AS
  • Chairman, KG Knudsen Shipping
  • Managing Director, Godby Shipping
  • CFO, C-Bed Floating Hotels
  • CFO, Rohde Nielsen A/S

Analysts Against the Clock

10 minute sector snapshots reveal the most important market factors that will influence your decisions

  • Containers: have charter and freight rates reached bottom?
  • Dry bulk: misjudged demand?
  • Crude & product tankers: a resistant industry?
  • LNG: do supply requirements match fleet availability?
  • LPG: will this market live up to expectations?
  • Offshore: how are oil prices affecting demand?

Networking Opportunities for 2015

Unprecedented opportunities to make new business contacts at the Scandinavian Shipping & Ship Finance Conference include...


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Network Development Lunch

Expand your network and get to know potential partners in this informal sit-down lunch


Drinks Reception

Continue the day's interaction into the evening in this drinks reception on Day One, open to all delegates and speakers

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